Smith and Wesson Body Guard 380

One thing I love about gun shows is the vast number of different firearms on display. While strolling around the recent show at the State Fair Education Building I came across a Smith and Wesson Body Guard 380. The Body Guard 380 is Smith and Wesson’s answer to small pocket pistols such as the Ruger LCP. Being I find the LCP very convenient at times I’m always looking at other pocket pistols to compare against it. Although I don’t have trigger time behind the Body Guard 380 I did notice one fatal flaw in my opinion. The manual safety is not easy to disengage.

I can’t imagine being able to draw the gun and disengage the tiny little safety under stress. I think the problem lurks in the combination of facts that the safety is kind of stiff and very small. It doesn’t stick out much from the gun meaning you don’t have a whole lot of area to work with when trying to flip it.

2 thoughts on “Smith and Wesson Body Guard 380”

  1. Christopher,

    How would you compare the size with your LCP? Just from looking at it online, my guess is the Bodyguard 380 is about the size of a 642 (or the new Bodyguard 38). I have been looking for a good pocket pistol with a safety, unfortunately there are very few to choose from.

    1. It’s slightly larger than my LCP overall. Although I didn’t directly compare it to a snubby revolver I’d say the Body Guard 380 is about the same height and width as one while being notably thinner.

      I think the Body Guard 380 is still very pocketable though.

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