Some Thoughts on the HTC G2

Yesterday I posted a mini-rant on the HTC G2. My problem is the fact that every time you reboot the phone everything written to the /system directory is undone thus preventing a permanent root solution (for now). Of course in a manner of security this concept make a ton of sense.

The great thing about rooting an Android phone is that it allows you to do far more with it (namely free tethering). Of course any exploit used to gain root privileges can be used to maliciously. Root privileges are generally gained on phones by exploiting a security flaw. Any piece of software can potentially do this. By undoing any changes to the /system directory you effectively make any system-level exploit temporary. It’s actually a pretty smart move overall. Of course it also prevents those of us willing to take the risk for easily rooting our devices.

Due to this I have a suggestion, a hardware switch. The NAND memory that the /system directory is stored in is write protected. On the Evo turning the security flag in the radio off disables this write protection. Why not have a physical hardware switch enable or disable write protection? Without social engineering or a very clever exploit there really is no method of turning off write protection via software if it’s controlled by a physical switch. Users who want to root their phones can disable write-protection and take their risks while others can be happen in the added security of a write-protection operating system. Since manufacturers don’t want to support rooted phones the switch could be covered by a “warranty void if removed” sticker to boot.

Just a thought that would make most people pretty happy.

One thought on “Some Thoughts on the HTC G2”

  1. At least you didn’t lose half your contacts and what not.

    iTunes is the world’s crappiest piece of software. Steve Jobs needs to quit !@#$% trash talking other companies software until he fixes the crap in his own house.

    iTunes has caused me more headaches than ANY software I have ever used in my life.

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