This is My Shocked Face

Can’t say that I saw this coming… who am I kidding? I saw this from a mile away:

An estranged former member of direct action anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd alleges it ordered its own boat to be scuttled to win public sympathy.

So why do I believe Mr. Bethune over the current members of Sea Sheppard? For starters Sea Sheppard are backstabbing assholes:

Sea Shepherd distanced itself from Mr Bethune during his detention – though it later claimed this was a ploy to gain a lenient sentence.

Yes while Mr. Bethune was in jail for doing exactly what Sea Sheppard advocates they distance themselves from him. Later of course they claim it was to get him a more lenient sentence. Maybe they should have used some of that money they’ve made for their shitty T.V. show to hire Mr. Bethune a top notch lawyer instead. At least that would have shown their fellow comrade support.

If you want to fight whaling that’s fine, so long as you do it peaceably. Harassing whalers and then boarding their ship isn’t going to go over well with anybody. Hell in most of the world boarding a vessel without permission is usually treated as attempted piracy. Try doing that on a Japanese navel vessel and see how well it goes over. Of course abandoning one of your fellows after he did exactly what he was told to do is just scumbag behavior. Who would join an organization that abandons their people when it’s politically convenient?

Finally I want to close with the following because I’m an asshole:

Sea Shepherd shot to prominence as the futuristic trimaran Ady Gil pursued the Japanese whaler Shonan Maru 2 through Antarctic waters in January.

Pursued it to the bottom of the ocean. Burn!