Sony Going After Hackers

Although I do not speak German and thus am reliant on another person’s translation it appears as though Sony is going after hackers. I’m not talking about malicious hackers who break into computer system, I’m talking about hackers whom are hacking their own PlayStation 3 (PS3).

A bit back a USB dongle was released that jailbroke the PS3. Sony apparently wasn’t happy just going after the manufacturer of the USB dongle (which is irrelevant as there is now an open-source implementation of the crack) and have decided to take legal action against people who purchased it. I’m not sure about German law but in the United States if you purchase a piece of hardware it’s legally yours to do with as you please. For instance if you purchase an iPhone and hack it you’re completely legal regardless of what Apple says.

I’ve been done with Sony products since they stole the built-in Linux capabilities of the PS3 (I paid for it, they removed it from their system, I can’t use the system to go online without removing the Linux capabilities meaning I lose a feature no matter what, and in my book that’s theft). If I hadn’t already given up on the PS3 this would have certainly made me do it.