I’m went early today to get my vote on and let me be very honest, there were far too many unopposed people running. Before you say anything I do realize the hypocrisy of making such a statement and not running to oppose any of these yahoos… but that’s not going to stop me from making the statement.

In case anybody is curious I voted for Emmer. Since getting the nomination Emmer has been kind of alienating me by pandering to the neocons but at the same time he’s pro-gun, anti-tax, and for the most part pro-liberty. What put me over though is the fact he’s not Mark Dayton (who will probably win because the majority of votes in this state seem to like pain).

I left quite a few spots blank. When I was first old enough to vote I believed that somebody who was running unopposed deserved my vote for just being willing to run. I no longer believe that and have decided if you’re running unopposed I won’t vote for you.

Because I’m an idiot I forgot to post the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance Political Action Committee (GOCRA) endorsement link. I really do like how GOCRA does their endorsements because they explain why they are behind the people they endorsed.