Fly the Unfriendly Accusation Skies

There are few letters that can be put together to cause massive rage in almost every person in the United States. One of those precious few seemingly innocuous strings of letters is TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Employees of the TSA do it all, they look at naked picture of you and your children, they feel up your junk, and they plant white powder in your luggage and threaten to arrest you for cocaine possession.

Yes, they do all of this and offer no additional security to fliers. TSA offers security theater, not actual security. The real problem is you’re giving a bunch of people a badge and some authority. With certain types of people this is a very bad idea because it gives them power trips. Frankly once we have an agency so corrupt that one of their employees has decided to fuck with an airline passenger by placing a substance that looks like cocaine on their person it’s time for some dismantlement.

2 thoughts on “Fly the Unfriendly Accusation Skies”

  1. I don’t fly.
    I refuse to.
    I don’t like it and when I get rushed and pushed through a line by assholes whom sould be working at flipping hamburgers or delivering pizzas, I get beyond irritated, my eldest described it as a giant pigpile of TSAssholes in top of a 50 plus fat guy whom would be bellering, cussing and hurting whomever he could…
    Fuck TSA…

    1. I fly periodically for work so not going through TSA isn’t an option for me sadly.

      I really do like the term TSAssholes though, I’m going to steal that.

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