At My Wit’s End with Android

It’s not secret to anybody reading this blog that I’ve developed quite the love/hate relationship with Android. On one hand I love many of the capabilities of Android but on the other hand it’s been plagued with bugs to the point of unusability in some cases. Well I just ran into another problem that’s really set me off, the Android Market appears to have lost all record of my purchased applications.

I went to apply a couple of updates a few days ago and noticed two applications wouldn’t update. I thought that was odd so went into the Market to do a manual update and noticed when I tapped the update button I was sent to the purchase page. The Market wanted me to purchase my application again. This seemed really odd so I logged into my Google checkout account and went through my purchased application history and found that everything was still in order that.

Obviously I needed to contact Google… which is impossible. Seriously, there is no technical support number for Google anywhere. Their support forums have left me with no answer but the knowledge other people have had variations of this problem without any reliable method of resolving it. Some people broke down and just repuchased the applications in essence paying for them twice. Nothing pisses me off more than getting ripped off and buying an application twice constitutes are rip off.

Basically I now have a portfolio of purchased applications that I can no longer use. Technical support is non-existent and frankly I’m pissed off. I wonder if Google actually has an competent people working on their Android platform or if they just toss shit at the wall and see what sticks.

2 thoughts on “At My Wit’s End with Android”

  1. If it’s any consolation. I’ve had a fair number of nightmare’s with my iPhone. I’d wager 7 out of 10 syncs fail.

    I have not been able to get my contacts synced properly for nearly 2 months now. And Apple’s support is as worthless and ice to an eskimo.

    1. Yeah I realize there is no perfect solution (I miss the day when my old reliably Palm Treo was able to do everything I wanted) at the moment.

      The main problem I’m having ultimately boils down to the fact that Google has zero technical support. I know Apple’s technical support isn’t amazing but if I have a problem I can call somebody or to to their store. Likewise if I have a problem with a Palm Pre I can call somebody and at least get some help.

      The problem I’m having requires Google to reauthorize my purchases on their store hence a simple phone call should suffice, but they have no number.

      The sad truth of the matter is all the current smart phones on the market have major issues at this point.

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