Ron Paul Does it Again

Even if you don’t agree with Ron Paul’s stances you have to admit he’s consistent. Yesterday he introduced legislation to deal with the issue of TSA and their groping of anybody and everybody who comes through the airport. His speech was pretty good to boot:


Here is the statement from his website. The actual text of the bill hasn’t been posted online anywhere that I can see yet so I’ll reserve ultimate judgment for later. I will say through that I’m optimistic considering Dr. Paul’s track record.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul Does it Again”

  1. I agree with Ron Paul, but to play devil’s advocate here for a moment, in most cases average citizens cannot arrest for a misdemeanor. Does this mean that we should either prevent police from this, or allow citizens to make these arrests? What about traffic violations?

    Again, I agree the TSA has gone too far in its knee-jerk reaction, but I guess I also felt that the wire-tapping policy of the Bush administration went too far as well.

    1. At the same time when a police officer arrests you there is suspicion of a crime while no such suspicion exists when TSA agents molest you.

      As I said I’ll wait until I read the actual text of the bill before passing judgment but considering Dr. Paul’s track record I’m betting the legislation will take care of the problem concisely.

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