Wisconsin School Hostage Situation

If you haven’t heard there was a hostage situation in a Wisconsin school. Some punk kid came in packing two firearms and held his class hostage. Thankfully nobody was killed and the kid turned one of his firearms onto himself when the police arrive.

I’m glad to report the situation ended with nobody of consequence being injured or killed (a punk who takes a classroom hostage is not a person of consequence in my book). What’s interesting is how the situation is being reported. This was a hostage situation yes some news sites are still calling it a school shooting.

I think this story exemplifies the fact that crazy is crazy and makes a case yet again for allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom. This situation ended as well as could be hoped but most of the time we don’t hear such good news. Crazy people are dangerous and this story once again demonstrates the fact that people in our schools are helpless when one of these crazies come into the “gun free-zone” with firearms and an intent to cause harm. This crazy ended up holding 23 helpless people hostage with no real threat of retaliation should he decide to start killing those hostages (yes the police will eventually retaliate but if the crazy is planning on killing himself anyways it matters not). The best way to end a hostage situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place and the best way to do that is having a populace that can defend itself against the crazies.