What Censorship Breeds

Censorship is a slippery slope no matter who you are. The main problem when you censor something is the fact you will inevitably get support from some and be damned by others. Recently Apple pulled an app from their App Store that related to some sort of declaration by a Christian group. I linked to this specific article because I found the comments most interesting. There are those who support Apple’s decision and those who detest it but the best part of the comments is the back and forth going on between several Christians and several Atheists.

Since Apple has declared that censorship will occur in the App Store they have set themselves up to be criticized by all camps. Those who found the app to be hate speech are applauding Apple’s decision while those supporting the right to all speech are decrying the removal of the app. You can’t win with censorship because at some point you will anger a group of people.

Basically if you want to do perform censorship you’re setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

2 thoughts on “What Censorship Breeds”

  1. Actually, this is not censorship, it is a business decision. Censorship requires government action and I believe it also it something that comes before publication. As I Christian, I would probably agree with the Declaration. I also feel that what makes this country great is the freedom to debate the issue freely. Apple has a responsibility to its customers, not to my feelings.

    I am more concerned about the kind of harassment that the TSA, Justice Department and INS are involved in.

    Interesting post.

    1. Actually censorship by definition doesn’t require government action. If a publisher buys up the rights to a book simply to ensure it will never get publishes that fits the definition of censorship.

      I’m not harping on Apple for censorship in this case so much as pointing out what happens when your company takes a stand on what they will and will not allow published on their service. It’s fine from a business decision but will certainly brew up some controversy from users.

      As for the TSA, Justice Department, etc. they are my favorite punching bags.

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