Because He Was Shot Robbing a Coffee Shop You Should Support Gun Control

A short while back there was a story about a Dutch Brothers Coffee employee who shot a piece of shit armed robber. The company doesn’t appear to be upset with the actions of their employee:

A Dutch Bros. spokeswoman said the barista is still on paid leave and will return to work when he is ready. She did not know whether the gun belonged to the employee or not.

“We are extremely thankful that our employee was not injured in the robbery on Nov. 24 and are appreciative that no charges will be filed,” Travis Boersma, CEO/Co-Founder of Dutch Bros. Coffee, said in a prepared statement Wednesday. “We work closely with our employees and do our best to ensure they are safe and protected while at work and will continue to do so. All procedures will be reviewed and evaluated as a result of this incident.”

So the employee will return to work, excellent. What I found funny through was looking up the scum bag’s obituary, specifically the last paragraph:

The Celebration of this wonderful young man’s life will take place at the Musgrove Family Mortuary, Friday, December 3rd, 2010 at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, the family would love donations made to a charity that speaks to you about Sirus. We would like his passing to inspire contributions to causes like gun control, Food for Lane County or DARE, that help people who have fallen through the cracks.

Emphasis mine. The family’s desire is to support gun control causes even though Scum Bag McGee was shot because he was using a gun to rob a coffee shop. Why not have donations put in for the family to do a speaking tour on why it’s a bad idea to commit armed robbery? Oh well you know what they say, criminals love gun control.

One thought on “Because He Was Shot Robbing a Coffee Shop You Should Support Gun Control”

  1. Your first warning should have been when the family of this violent thug referred to him as a “wonderful young man” – anyone who uses the threat of deadly force to take something from someone against their will is about as far from “wonderful” as you can get, and anyone who praises such activity is scum themselves.

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