Stasi App

I don’t know what to think about this one but the implications are frightening. Via Dvorak Uncensored I was lead to an article on a site I generally take with a grain of salt. The only reason it’s getting mentioned on here is the article is about a Stasi App for the iOS platform and I actually found it.

I’m calling it the Stasi App because the claim of the application developers is the app is integrated with services from various departments in the United States government. If the app does what it claims to do then it runs akin to the secrete police of the East Germany. Basically the app is supposed to follow the Department of Motherland Fatherland Homeland Security’s, “If you see something, say something” program. It supposedly allows you to report “suspicious activity,” “report crime,” and generally become a member of the secret police.

You’ll notice I’ve been careful with my language and constantly saying things in a tense that isn’t accusatory. The reason for that is because I doubt this app does what it claims to. I’d actually have to download it and try it to know for sure but there is no way in Hell I’m putting something like this onto my devices. One of the red flags is the fact the terror threat Crayola color guide is included even though that’s been dumped as the only color in the crayon box was orange.

Still such an idea is frightening to say the least. The fact somebody thought this was a good idea, made an application, and then made it available for download is scary. It’s good to see it’s been rated very poorly with people citing 1984 (why does our government have such a hardon for that book?). I do agree it is very 1984-esque right down to the doublespeak name of the app.

Honestly if I were Apple I’d have rejected such an app on grounds of it being too reminiscent of actions taken in socialist nations to control citizenry. Apple has rejected applications for less after all.