Shit Keeps Dying

Yesterday I reported that a few thousand birds ended up dying for unknown reasons (it sure as the fuck wasn’t fireworks otherwise we’d have similar death rates on the Fourth of July). Well birds weren’t the only things that got killed off as 10,000 fish were also killed in Arkansas. On plausible explanation has been presented:

Right now scientist are eying natural gas as the cause of death for both the red winged blackbirds and the drum fish. Residents of the small town of Beebe were startled Saturday morning to find the dead birds littered over a 1.5-square-mile area.

The reason I say this makes sense is because there has also been a lot of problems in the nearby town of Guy, Arkansas potentially caused by fracking. Fracking is a method used to extract natural gas from shale and since beginning fracking operations in Guy, AR the number of reported earthquakes has been through the roof (over 500 since September, 2010). I checked it out on Google Maps and Guy, AR is about an hour driver from Beebe, AR making the possibilities of events being related pretty fucking high.