Security Done Right

One thing I do like about the major credit card companies is the fact their security setup works by individual transactions instead of users. When you purchase an item on a credit card (or debit card issued by one of the companies) the company checks the transaction to see if it seems valid.

The other day I received a call from my credit card company informing me that they saw some apparent fraudulent activity. Needless to say it was fraud and the card has been canceled and a new one is in the mail. Credit card companies are doing it right in this regard by making it so each transaction is looked at as well as assuming trust with the customer when they call and claim something on their bill was not purchased by them.

One thought on “Security Done Right”

  1. It would be nice, though, if when they call you about “fraudulent” activity that turns out not to be fraudulent, they made a note in a file somewhere and didn’t flag it as fraudulent _again_ the next time you did it.

    (It’s getting to the point where I’m never going to be able to buy electronics again. Nobody takes checks, every charge by Fry’s or Tiger Direct or even Best Buy gets flagged as probable-fraud by my bank and refused, and anyone with more than $100 of cash on him is liable to get harassed by cops.)

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