Screw Environment, Receive Beef

Some hippy fuck did a study showing that insects produce less carbon-dioxide per kilogram of meat than cattle. Being this person is a greenie communist they came to the conclusion that we should start farming insects for meat production instead of cows.

Here’s the thing, we don’t farm insects specifically because they don’t taste like beef. If bugs tasted like beef we’d be eating them as well but they don’t taste that awesome so we let them go mostly unmolested by our grills. If you want to raise a more “sustainable” form of meat breed it to taste like a fucking cow and we’ll open negotiations.

You greenies can go fuck yourselves. First you want to take my truck away because it produces too much CO2, then you want to take away my bullets because they contain lead which hasn’t been shown to poison anything but you claim it does, and now you want to take my primary food source and starve me to death? Well fuck you just… fuck you. I’m going to go idle my truck for a couple of hours just to offset the CO2 reduction you’re trying to make by farming insects.