Glock Sales Surge

In case you couldn’t predict the bloody obvious Glock’s sales have surged have the shooting in Arizona. The anti-gunners are spouting bullshit about this being some kind of sick desire to own the gun that killed so many people when in fact it’s not.

The reason Glock pistol sales have surged all of the sudden is most likely due to the gun control legislation ideas being pumped out by Washington. One of their own was shot and they’re out for blood meaning they’re going to go after anybody they can. A target in the cross hairs of Washington right now is Glock because they made the tools which was used by the shooter. It’s just like how Washington goes after the manufacturers of getaway vehicles when one is used to commit a crime against… never mind I forgot gun are somehow responsible for crimes while other tools are not.

Either way people want to get Glock pistols before any legislation that may make them illegal (maybe a ban on polymer framed pistols or other such nonsense) starts moving. Why would somebody want one of these pistols? Because they’re fucking amazing tools. Frankly this kind of thing happens whenever a gun is used in a high profile crime so it’s not surprising in any regard. But it’s not due to some desire to have a memento of the shooting.