Twitter Disclaimer

OK I’m not a fan of using redundant things hence I’m making a disclaimer here and now. Although I have setup a Twitter account for use with this site honestly I’m also going to fill it with personal junk. If you simply want a clean feed of this blog then subscribe to the RSS feed like normal people. I really can’t justify maintaining a Twitter account unless I have some use for it that can’t be fulfilled by current services I already use.

Basically I’m going to use Twitter for this site, personal crap, and posting things that I don’t think are blog-worthy but are still interesting in some regard (for instance cool iOS apps I run into or other such nonsense).

Anyways this serves as official notice and warning. I’m going to ignore any complaints I receive on the matter from here on out.

One thought on “Twitter Disclaimer”

  1. Hell, I only use Twitter for a glorified… er… stripped-down RSS feed. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my normal RSS feed, I am certainly not going to watch some 140-character whatever-the-hell too…

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