Another Demonstration of Why You Can’t Rely on the Police

Jay over at MArooned posted yet another example of why you can’t rely on the police to protect your life. A woman had to resort to defending herself with a vacuum while she waited 35 minutes for the police to arrive:

A Williamson County woman fought off an intruder with a vacuum cleaner. She was desperate for help, waiting for almost 35 minutes for law enforcement to arrive.

The single mom described that 35 minutes like the scene of a horror movie as she watched a man walk from windows to doors doing anything to break in to her home.

Yes it took 35 minutes for the police to finally arrive at her home. This is why you should always have a plan for defending yourself. Obviously I recommend using the best tool for the job which is a firearm but that’s not the only means of defense at your disposal.

Your life is far more valuable than the life of some scumbag who is willing to bring harm against your person. People out there clamoring for laws restricting firearms are only trying to make it more difficult for you to obtain the best tool to defend the most important thing you have, your life. When these same people claim you should just call the police remember that the police are not legally obligated to protect you and can’t instantly teleport to your location. There will always be travel time required for the police to get to your location and an officer must be available to send to your aid. You need to have a plan to fend for yourself until the police arrive (if they arrive).