The Need for 30 Round Magazines

For those anti-gunners who keep asking, “Why do you need 30 round magazines” Alan over at SnarkyBytes has your answer:

I have a machine gun that fires 1400 rounds a minute. It can empty a 30 round magazine in less than two seconds. It would empty a ten round magazine in less than half a second.

Also rights have nothing to do with needs. I have a right to keep and bear arms, it shall not be infringed, and there is nowhere in the Constitution that declares any authorization for any restriction to that right. If you can’t get that simple concept through your head then I fear for you, I fear you will forget something really important like how to breathe.

2 thoughts on “The Need for 30 Round Magazines”

  1. Well, you know what they’ll say to Alan, right? They’ll just say, “Well who needs a machine gun for hunting?”

  2. My answer has usually been, “Doesn’t matter. ‘Why’ doesn’t factor into the equation.”

    Just like when anti-gun people have told me, “Give me one good reason why you would need to own an AK47.”

    My answer:”No.”

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