Why We Need to Defund NPR

I’m sure I’ll get flak for this one, I always do. It seems there is an unjustifiable love for National Public Radio (NPR) around my circle of friends any I get nothing by hatred every time I state we shouldn’t be giving tax money to the organization (then I again I also get the same flak when I say we should abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Medicade). Well the gloves are off because I found a prime example of why NPR should receive no public funding. What is that example? Well they have an agenda, are not neutral, and are trying to silence an entire movement based around a right. This is a letter received by several gun bloggers inviting them to be a guest speaker on an NPR debate:

Dear Mr. Farago:

I work for the NPR program On Point with Tom Ashbrook and I’m writing to ask if any of thetruthaboutguns.com‘s contributors would be able to speak as a guest on Monday, January 17. We’re looking for a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter who is not opposed to the forthcoming McCarthy bill re: magazine capacity. While I realize that this doesn’t describe you personally, I’d be very grateful if you could put me in touch with a contributor or any other gun owner who would not oppose this bill. Let me know if anyone comes to mind. Thanks very much. [email srosen@wbur.org]

Matthew Baskin

First NPR is asking the impossible, you can’t support the second amendment and not oppose a gun control law. Second they’re completely silencing those who oppose McCarthy’s bill. Make no mistake here, NPR is not neutral and they are against your right to keep and bear arms. I don’t know where people developed the idea that NPR is a neutral entity because they receive government funding which means they’re most likely going to tow the statist line so they can continue receiving funding.

I doubt you’ll ever see an NPR special on the evils of big government or a show advocating for nullification of unjust laws. They aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them.