My Proposal for a New Three Gun Division

I spend quite a bit of my time thinking up really bad ideas. Yesterday while at the range another one of my bad ideas came to mind, a new three gun division which I will call death metal. There is already the heavy metal division which requires a .45 or larger handgun, .308 or larger rifle, and a pump action 12 gauge. My like death metal is to heavy metal in music this division will just be a more insane version of three gun.

The basic rules are these; your handgun and rifle must both be chambered in something .50 or larger and your shotgun my be a 10 gauge pump action. I think it also goes without saying that all guns must use iron sights only. Each target would be neutralized by a single shot meaning you don’t have to worry about double-taps (main because this idea would become even more insanely expensive).

Just imagine doing a three gun state with a Smith and Wesson .500, a Barret .50, and a 10 gauge shotgun, it will feel like you were in a mosh pit at a death metal concert by the time you’re done.

One thought on “My Proposal for a New Three Gun Division”

  1. You should check out the MGM Iron Man 3-gun competition. It’s something I very much want to do someday.

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