Glock 21 Gen4

My current competition gun is a Glock 21SF with the horrible ambidextrous safety. I’ve been meaning to dump it and get a different Glock 21 but have been waiting for the fourth generation version to be unveiled before making any such move. Well the guys over at Downrange TV had the good fortune of playing with the Glock 21 Gen4.

The Glock 21 Gen4 will have the interchangeable backstrap, reversible magazine release, and a telescoping recoil spring. None of that is new but it seems Glock is also coming out with a beaver tail backstrap which really does nothing for me but should make many other people happy.

Hopefully they come out before USPSA starts up again (yes I really do hate that ambidextrous magazine release, nothing like hitting it and not having the magazine actually drop out).

3 thoughts on “Glock 21 Gen4”

  1. Glock had so many issues with the Ambi mag release they will actually give you a new frame on your current gun for free I believe just to get rid of the things. You should contact customer service I am pretty sure if you send that frame back to them they will send you a brand new (probably Gen3 frame) for free.

      1. Well obviously you should do both things so that you can write a new blog entry on the Gen4. It is easy to justify the new Glock, I just figured you might as well have 2 nice one’s instead of one. Personally I think the Gen4 is the way to go, just because the grip texturing is so much better than the Gen3.

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