Rand Paul’s Budget Cuts

It looks like Rand Paul may actually live up to some of his campaign promises. He’s put up a plan to cut $500 billion [PDF] from the federal budget.

People are already howling that he’s cutting money from “needed” programs like the Department of Education. Boo hoo I guess they don’t get more 12 gauge shotguns this year.

I do like how the Department of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, and the International Assistance Programs receive zero funding. What I don’t like is the fact that defense spending is only reduced by 6.5%. Likewise instead of reducing the funding for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by 40% he should have reduced it by 100%. Hell reduce the TSA’s funding by 150% and charge them for some of that porn they were looking at on the job. While you’re at it Rand do you think you could just have the heads of the TSA arrested and put on the terrorist watch list (just for completeness)?

One thought on “Rand Paul’s Budget Cuts”

  1. The cut in military is more than that if you look at only the parts in the Dept of Defense NOW. He also moves the nuclear part of the Dept of Energy to defense (with its funding) and moves the Coast Guard to defense (with its funding) and after those ADDITIONS the DOD had only that percentage of cuts….


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