Full Motion Video on an E-Ink Display

It’s not secret that I love E-Ink displays. Comparing reading on my Kindle to reading on my iPad always comes to the same conclusion, the Kindle is far superior for reading. Not only do E-Ink displays cause less stress on the eyes but they also consume far less power. The downside of E-Ink displays is the lack of color and the slow refresh speeds. It appears as through Bookeen may have found a solution to the latter problem and have demonstrated full motion video running on an E-Ink display. Bookeen claims that the display running in this mode sucks no more power than an LCD screen… that isn’t back lit.

Before anybody bitches that it’s not in color I realize that (believe it or not I can see color). Color E-Ink displays are in the works already. If we can get E-Ink displays to the point where they look comparable to modern LCDs we could increase the battery life on our mobile devices by a good margin (the main power sucker on modern smart phones and laptops are the displays). Likewise we’d actually be able to use out device in direct sunlight. Honestly I’m all for replacing current LCD technology with E-Ink displays once the technology has fully matured.