Dead and Back

Good news ladies and gentlemen I’m finally back. Thursday my little friend the mystery disease decided to push and I finally called for a doctor’s appointment. What the doctor told me was basically it was not pneumonia… unless it was. It was almost certainly a bacterial infection… unless it was viral. Basically he had no fucking clue what it was and didn’t want to admit it. Luckily he prescribed me azithromycin, an amazing antibiotic from Croatia (I had to look it up). Within several hours of taking the first dose I started feeling more human and things improved quickly leading me to believe whatever I had was bacterial.

With that said I’ll stop my whining and start posting things that are at least of interest to the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “Dead and Back”

  1. Good to hear yours responded so quickly to antibiotics and such… neither mine nor Better Half’s did, and, believe me, you should be thankful ;).

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