New Made Up Term, Assault Clips

I wish I could make up terminology just like the anti-gunners. Take the following e-mail released by the Brady Campaign (yeah they’re still around):

Yup they’re calling standard capacity magazines “assault clips” now. First off I don’t know how well a 32 round clip is going to work. Most clips hold between 5 and 10 rounds because pushing more into a magazine is a bitch. Hell Looking at the M-14 Army manual they have a section on how to use clips to load magazines and none of them are all that easy.

Wait, now I’m confused because the e-mail says the Tuscon shooter used “high capacity ammunition magazines” but the Brady Campaign is calling for a ban on “assault clips.” Wow… if you’re going to call for a ban on something at least call for a ban on the thing you claim a bad person used.

My favorite part about a magazine ban is the fact law enforcement and military are exempt. Combine that with this quote from the e-mail:

The only people who want to shoot 32 bullets in 16 seconds are the last people who should.

I’m inclined to agree. I don’t think the police or military should have this type of firepower available to them. Therefore I’m making a decree that all magazines of an arbitrarily large size should be clearly stamped “For Civilian Use Only.” Since the police and military are exempt from the magazine ban bill they must want to shoot 32 bullets in 16 seconds and thus, according to the Brady Campaign, are the last people who should be able to.