History Class in Utah About to Get More Accurate

It seems the government of Utah is sick and tired of people claiming our country is a democracy and have passed legislation that will require Utah teachers to be accurate and call the United States a republic. Teachers will also be required to go over different form of government:

HB220 would require schools to teach students that the U.S. is a compound constitutional republic and about other forms of government such as pure democracy, monarchy and oligarchy along with political philosophies and economic systems such as socialism, individualism and free-market capitalism. The Senate passed the bill with no dissenting votes Monday.

This would be great as most students don’t even know what a fascist or socialist state even is. Sadly most students just yell fascist when the police are abusing their power and then talk about socialism as a great system we need to adopt in this country. Hopefully the Utah requirements involve teaching the fact that the United States no longer runs on a free-market system and that is our biggest economic problem besides spending more than we take in.