Wisconsin Budget Bill Vote

In news certain to piss off a lot of people the Senate Republicans in Wisconsin voted on the controversial budget bill last night. Needless to say protesters were pissed and those of us who find granted monopoly coercion distressing are kind of happy.

What I don’t understand is why the protesters aren’t pissed at the Democratic “representatives” who left the pro-union people high and dry by fleeing to Illinois. If you are protesting on the side of the public union you were abandoned by the Democrats. The supposed reason we elect “representatives” is to advance our agendas at the capital. Advancing an agenda requires debate and that requires actually being present. That’s not when the Democratic “representatives” did, instead of facing hard work they ran away like cowards in the hope to gain martyrdom. Were I protesting on the side of the public unions I’d be fucking pissed and would have pushed for recall elections the second they left the state.

Although I’m in disagreement with the protesters I still absolutely love the civil disobedience going on.