Overreaction Never Makes Sense

Germany seems to have an innate desire to prove that they are willing to overreact illogically to any situation. Case in point Germany has shutdown seven of its nuclear power plants in lieu of the situation in Japan. Of course Germany isn’t taking one small detail into consideration; Japan’s reactor is having problems because it was built on the fault line and experienced a 9.0 magnitude (not sure if that’s local or manner magnitude as nobody every fucking says) earthquake.

My head spins with Germany’s reaction. What were they thinking? I’m betting it was something along the lines of, “Mien Fuhrer, Japan’s nuclear reactor is experiencing a meltdown and the only logical thing we can do is shutdown our perfectly function and undamaged plants!” Brilliant! I’m sure somebody is getting a raise for that decision.

The only reason Japan’s plant is looking at potential meltdown is due to the earthquake and tsunami causing extensive damage. Yes natural disasters happen but when it happens elsewhere it doesn’t man countries a third of the way around the globe should react as if that natural disaster had hit them.