For Those of You Who Say Paying Taxes is Patriotic

I bitch about paying taxes as I don’t like money being stolen from me by the state. On the opposite side of the field there are people who say they will gladly pay more taxes and that paying taxes is patriotic (obviously it is as this country was founded on the idea that paying taxes is… a bad thing). Well for those of you who think paying taxes is a good thing you can finally put your money where your mouth is:

Last month, a check for $1,677.97 was sent to Gov. Mark Dayton’s office with instructions to pay down the budget deficit.

Roughly a year before, two checks totaling $136.42 landed at the state treasury with notes saying the same. Some real cash rolled in back in 2008, when a check for $22,685 landed at the state treasury “to help the needy and sick.”

You can give more money to the state if you want to. Of course when people say paying taxes is patriotic or they would gladly pay more taxes what they usually mean is other people paying taxes is patriotic and they are will gladly have anybody who makes more than themselves pay more taxes. Needless to say everybody who has been proclaiming paying taxes as being a great thing generally won’t put up when the opportunity arises.

Thus if you’re advocating for an increase in taxes and you’re not sending money to the state your argument is officially null and void. In other words shut the fuck up.

3 thoughts on “For Those of You Who Say Paying Taxes is Patriotic”

  1. Sheesh, Chris, who pissed in your coffee this morning?
    I always point out to those who saying paying taxes is patriotic or that they don’t mind paying them that they are free to have their own opinion, but when the country is overspending its income by Billions daily and we hear weekly on the news about graft, corruption and wasteful spending, I don’t feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck. I also don’t accept the very framework of their argument. Its not about whether a citizen should pay up taxes, Hell, Jesus was OK with paying Caesar his due, but give me a Government that fits inside the frame of the Constitution, represents the people instead of big business and only spends the amount it receives in taxes, tariffs and bills and THEN we’ll start talking about my opinion of whether I pay too much or too little taxes. The .gov has a long way to go before I feel they have their fiscal house in order and until they do, I feel like my taxes, any amount, are just wasted on more business as usual pork barrel spending and paying down interest on a national debt.

  2. “Sheesh, Chris, who pissed in your coffee this morning?”

    I don’t know but when I find him there’s going to be words… and potentially beatings.

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