Pine Island Winter Shoot

On Saturday Pine Island Sportsmans Club had their 2011 Winter Shoot. Needless to say this was the first USPSA match of the year so I was rusty and slow. Still I think everything went well enough and I managed to take down the Texas star with a single magazine (even had an extra round left). Of course my friend Greg dominated the Texas star by taking it down in five rounds.

One thing about winter leaving in Minnesota is the fact that it leaves behind a ton of mud. Nothing like having tons of mud on your boots to make things more lively and interesting. Either way I’m waiting for Oakdale Gun Club to start USPSA so I can start shooting it weekly again.

2 thoughts on “Pine Island Winter Shoot”

  1. All reloads with retention right? Wouldn’t want to loose a magazine in the muck.

    1. Meh, I just tossed mine into snow piles most of the time. If there is an advantage to using a gun where the magazines don’t drop free it was being able to keep them mostly out of the mud.

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