Because It Worked Out So Well Before

It seems our 100 $600,000 cruise missiles didn’t do a whole Hell of a lot of help the Libyan rebels. That shouldn’t have been surprising though as the rebels are still outgunned on the ground. I like how George W. Obama is pretending to make an effort to avoid sending in ground troops but we know it will eventually happen. The next facade he’s bringing up is the possibility of arming the Libyan rebels.

This is a great idea because then when we get sick of them rebels twenty years down the road we can fight our own equipment just like we did in Afghanistan. Granted I wouldn’t have a problem with this if it wasn’t for two facts; tax payers will be paying for the weapons and we’re likely going to send in ground troops anyways so this whole deception is pointless. I’m hoping to be happily surprised and find out we’re not sending ground troops in but alas I don’t think Bush 2 is going to avoid occupying another major oil producing country.

One thought on “Because It Worked Out So Well Before”

  1. I wonder if SAS or ODA have been on the gorund there before the bombing started.

    Plus, there are some reports the rebels we’re helping are the same rebels we fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. No idea of the validity of that, but it’s probably not too far-fetched, seeing that Iraqi insurgents were from Egypt, Iran, Syria, etc., even as far away as Chechnya and Ireland (read somewhere about IRA bombers traveling to Iraq to fight America). They tend to go where the fighting is.

    We’re also already fighting our own equipment there. Lots and lots of military stuff has been sold to Libya in the last decade. APCs and whatnot.

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