Brady Campaign Whining About Illinois Possibly Lifting Their Carry Ban

Carry laws are in place in every state except Wisconsin and Illinois. To this day no evidence can be brought forth demonstrating these laws have lead to an increase in violent crime but much evidence exists demonstrating these laws correlate with a lowering in violent crime. Yet the Brady Campaign continues to warn about the “blood in the streets” that’s inevitable when carry laws are passed. Why are these people still clinging to their failed belief that guns are the problem? Because not doing so will cause them to lose their Joyce Foundation funding and then they would have to go find real jobs.

Now that Illinois is looking to life their pointless prohibition against allowing serfs citizens to carry handguns the Brady Campaign is throwing a tantrum:

Proponents of the legislation say concealed carry arms responsible, trained citizens and make people safer. But McCarthy says it would only put more guns in the street.

“It’s my personal feeling that the proliferation of handguns is not the way to go,” he told MyFox Chicago. “And I know the gang members will still get their guns and criminals will still get their guns. But remember in Illinois you can own a gun in your home, you just can’t carry it in your purse and in person.”

So McCarthy doesn’t even have an argument. He openly states that criminals will still carry guns and thus admits to the fact that this law only prohibits the law-abiding peasants. I also noticed he put forth no alternative solution that would allow a citizen to protect himself from a violent attacker. Perhaps he believes somebody being violently attacked should just call the police and hope they decide to come by before he’s murdered.

The bottom line is carry permits have been nothing but beneficial. There hasn’t been a single valid argument made against passing liberalized (in the classical sense of the word) carry laws. So far no “blood in the streets” instance have occurred and frankly the laws have been on the books in some states for decades. You would think the anti-gunners would wake up and realize nothing they’ve said has come true and thus their argument has no weight. Then again for most anti-gunners their argument is emotional and logic can go take a flying fuck and a rolling doughnut.

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