Those Deadly Assault Books

Robb Allen brings a new danger to our attention, the danger of books about weapons:

Three men were reportedly involved. One man was apparently on his hands and knees in an aisle way near an emergency exit and appeared to be ill. Another passenger apparently tried to help the man, who did not speak English.

Their nationalities were not released by investigators or United Airlines.

The man in the aisle reportedly would not return to his seat. Passengers said another man with him repeatedly stood up and kept asking how long until the plane arrived in Portland. Yet another man was reportedly reading a book about weapons, according to a passenger seated next to that person. All three were taken off the plane in Chicago.

Emphasis mine. I can understand wanting to remove the guy blocking the aisle but the other two I’m rather baffled by. As a guy who usually reads firearm books in airports and on airplanes (I finished an entire book about Glock pistols mostly by just flying around) I can say I must have completely missed the weapon functionality of said weapon books. Is there some secret way of activating it? I must seriously be lacking in cognitive capabilities because I read that book cover to cover and found no way of making the book capable of killing somebody (at least without concocting some very convoluted plan that would work with any book).