Utah Looking to Gimp Their Carry Permits

Utah arguably has the best carry permit in the United States. Although the requirements of getting it are annoying (fingerprints) the state does have reciprocity agreements with the most states. It appears as though some of those states are getting pissy that Utah doesn’t require a non-resident to get a permit from their state before getting a Utah permit and have pushed Utah’s legislators to change the law. Sadly this change appears to be going through:

The Senate passed unanimously a bill Monday that would require non-Utahns to obtain a concealed weapon permit from their home state before being issued a Utah permit.

The bill, SB36 authored by Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, aims at working with 33 other states that have reciprocity agreements with Utah — allowing states to maintain more control over their concealed weapons permit records.

Why is it Utah’s problem that other states want more control over their peasants citizens and why is Utah bending to the will of other states? As pointed out by Senate President Michael Waddoups this change will cost Utah $1.3 million but nobody else cares because those funds are dedicated so they can’t be woefully pissed away on stupid projects.

So if you’re a holder of a non-resident a Utah permit but lack a permit from your home state it’s likely (going by the complete lack of resistance in Utah’s Senate) going to get you banned from holding a Utah permit for 10 years. Just remember to thank your state’s “representatives” for pushing Utah into this after you’ve thanked Utah for being the bitch of other states.

2 thoughts on “Utah Looking to Gimp Their Carry Permits”

  1. Texas is one of the states that pushed for this unfortunately. There was talk of dropping reciprocity with Utah and I think New Mexico already had. The problem was there were promoters here in the state saying just get the Utah one instead as it is much cheaper than the Texas permit (ours is $140). So given the budget shortfall there was talk that they might do something. It is a shame, but I guess predictable given politicians. We also have to get finger printed down here to get our permit.

  2. Iowa dealt with this by requiring Iowa residents to get an Iowa permit to carry in Iowa, any permit is good there if you’re not a resident. If this does go through people in Wisconsin, Illinois and all the may issue states are going to get screwed.

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