Placing Blame at the Right People

I think the title of this story is rather interesting. The title is Brazil banks sued for Amazon deforestation. Obviously reading this has brought to light more evils committed by those terrible bankers who are slowly ruining our planet through their insatiable greed. Well that is until you actually read the story:

Brazil’s biggest bank – the state-run Banco do Brasil – is being sued for allegedly funding deforestation in the Amazon.

For those of you who have a lapse in reading comprehension the emphasis I’m trying to point out is the fact that one of the banks being sued is actually owned and run by the government of Brazil. Of course it’s unfair to blame the state when multiple banks are being sued and the other one is a privately held institution:

The smaller state-owned Banco da Amazonia is also being sued.

Unless it isn’t that is. So why am I bringing this story up? Because I’m sure there will be people spouting on about how the evil banks of Brazil are causing deforestation and that the only solution is for the Brazilian government to step in and reprimand these horrible banks. Those who actually read and understood the article though will realize that these banks are state property and thus the previously mentioned actions would require the Brazilian government to reprimand itself which creates an interesting conflict of interest.

Basically I’m trying to point out the fact that the blame shouldn’t be put on “evil bankers” in this case but on evil government.