Car You Can’t Own

Many people claim that we have a free market in the United States. These same people also blame the lack of regulations on our recent financial problems. Neither fact is true as we haven’t had a free market since… well ever honestly as there have always been regulations on the free exchange of goods between two people. Well I have yet another example of market regulations in the United States that I feel few are aware of, a list of cars the government says you can’t have:

Sure, some lustworthy Euro-spec cars can make it in. Witness the list of Show and Display cars the overlords at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration OK’d despite the fact that not one of them meets government safety standards.

Such cars must be exceedingly rare, historically significant and driven a mere 2,500 miles annually. But if you think a boatload of money and reams of paperwork can get any car into the country, think again.

Today, we present some of the cars people tried to import under Show and Display that were rejected by Uncle Sam. We aren’t talking about fanboy fantasies here, but actual cars that someone went to the trouble of tracking down and applying to the feds for.

The list contains 17 vehicles that us measly peasants can’t be trusted with.