If You’re Not Going to Do Something Well Don’t Do It at All

Glock is celebrating their 25th year in the United States. This celebration is being done by the released of 2,500 limited edition Glock 17 pistols. What makes them limited edition? A small metal plate on the grip that says 25 Years. Whoopty do!

Although I love Glock pistols I fully admit that they have an ugly and uninspired design lacking anything beyond the necessities for functionality. I’m fine with this because their guns work well. But if this is all Glock can manage to come up with for their limited edition pistol they might as well not even bother trying.

Still congratulations on 25 years in the United States Glock and here’s to another 25.

3 thoughts on “If You’re Not Going to Do Something Well Don’t Do It at All”

    1. Honestly I can’t think of a way to make a Glock pistol attractive. I love the guns but they are butt ugly in my opinion.

      Now if they wanted to have some fun they could always make a 25th anniversary pistol in .50 AE.

  1. For starters, they could add some Pin Up girls on the slides, a la Bomber Nose Art of WWII. 😀

    I want a Memphis Belle Glock.

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