So Many Buzz Words It Has to Be Awesome

I work in an industry where buzzwords are the bread and butter of marketing people. All computer technology ultimately comes down to the buzzwords and whether or not there are enough of them. Needless to say when something awesome like a grenade launcher is combined with enough buzzwords to start a marketing campaign for a software solution I get a bit curious:

Combining a GPS, laser rangefinder and computer, the new Mk19 FCS (Fire Control System) enables gunners to put the first round on the target, at extreme ranges (over 2,000 meters). The FCS can also fire an accurate pattern of 40mm grenades at those same ranges.

GPS, lasers, and grenades all in one package! It’s amazing what our advances in technology can lead us to produce.

A tip of the old hat goes to The Firearm Blog for unveiling this amazing piece of technology.

Down the Memory Hole

My favorite thing about the Internet is how well it has eliminated the political memory hole. Nothing can be posted online and then fully removed. Unfortunately it seems some of the politicians haven’t come to realization yet and continue to make stupid comments and then try to have them removed through legal threats:

The Polk County Republicans in Wisconsin are now trying to cover up a video of one of their own elected representatives that they released via YouTube. The video in question shows United States Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) complaining about how he is “struggling” to get by on his $174,000 salary.

Bitching about how hard life is when you make $174,000 a year isn’t going to win much sympathy in Wisconsin where the average yearly income is notably lower. What it will do is give your political opponents artillery to send your way next campaign season.

A copy of a take down notice for this video can be found here. The person who made the film is claiming copyright violation which legally is true since he did make the video. It’s also a great way to arm the Democrats with more artillery next season when they can not only say Mr. Duffy was whining about only making $174,000 a year but also tried to cover up the mess later. In these cases it’s just best to leave it alone and let people forget about it (it doesn’t take long, the average American attention span is two weeks).

April Fools

It’s April 1st which means it’s that day when you try to fuck with all of your friends. I love to fuck with people I know but a prank is only good if I can see the reaction of the person thus I’ll not be wasting your time with any pranks here. Call me a curmudgeon but honestly I need to devote energy to fucking with people I actually know.