So Long Bill Ruger

It seems Ruger is slowly throwing off the chains place upon it back in the day when Bill Ruger ran the place. The Firearm Blog has the scoop on Ruger’s new and official 25 round 10/22 magazines. One of the Ruger spokesmen stated the following in regards to the magazines:

“These are genuine Ruger factory magazines. We designed them. We didn’t license and rebrand someone else’s magazines,” said Ruger CEO Michael Fifer.

That doesn’t fill me with a whole lot of confidence. My main hope is that these magazines aren’t complete shit like the standard 10 round affairs. I’ve not been able to find a single standard 10 round magazine for my 10/22 that doesn’t end up being a jam-o-matic. Frankly it’s embarrassing that the manufacturer of one of the (if not the) most prolific .22 rifles can’t even manage to make a magazine that works for that gun.

Regardless of how well the magazines work it’s nice to see Ruger is moving further and further away from Bill Ruger’s ideas. Good work guys.

5 thoughts on “So Long Bill Ruger”

  1. Are you sure there isn’t something wrong with your 10/22. I haven’t had a single failure out of mine with the rotary magazines (or the butler creek steel lip 25 rounder either). Or perhaps mine just really likes the Ammo I am running through it.

    1. I have no feeding issues with third-party magazines leading me to believe it’s the factory Ruger magazines.

      From what I can gather the problem is the spring. If I take apart the magazines and wind up the little rotating part it will work again, at least for a while.

  2. Ditto what the Jeffrey H said. I presently have five different 10/22’s and at least 18 10-round magazines. (As well as a passel of Butler Creek, TI, etc. 25-rounders). The 10 round magazines are as reliable as night and day. The 25-round units are uniformly crap. Very surprised at your experience.

  3. I haven’t had issues with any magazines in my 10/22 except rim lock in my 50 round double stack mags when I not careful reloading them. If they end up retailing for under the $30 MSRP I’ll buy a few and check them out.

  4. I’ve had a couple feed problems with my 10/22 but both times, it was because the spring-mounted rear conical mag holder was sticky. Keep that thing lubed and you should be fine.

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