Arguments for Campus Carry

One movement in the self-defense realm that’s been pushing forward is removing the prohibition several states have on carry a firearm on college campuses. Although the anti-gunners claim this will lead to blood in the classrooms they can show no evidence of that fact while tragedies like the Virginia Tech shooting could have been stopped much sooner had somebody on campus been armed and able to deal with the shooter.

Let’s get back to the anti-gunner’s argument of blood in the classrooms shall we? I think it’s fairly easy for them to support their argument as they only need to point to one incident where legalizing the carrying for firearms on a college campus lead to a shooting. Unfortunately for them they’re going to have a hard time demonstrating that:

In response to claims that allowing guns on campus would result in a less safe learning environment, SCCC notes there is yet to be a single reported incident at the more 70 campuses that already allow concealed carry by licensed individuals.

Herein lies the problem with arguments against expanding right to carry laws. Ever since this discussion has bubbled to the surface the anti-gunners have been claiming that expanded carry laws will lead to blood in the streets but as of yet they can’t actually point to any number of instances where this has occurred. It must really stick in their craws that the device they irrationally fear isn’t actually dangerous in of itself. I know it will come as a shocker to those arguing against the right to bear arms but the only way a gun is dangerous is if it’s in the hands of a bad person and bad people will ignore any laws restricting their possession of firearms.

If you look at the history of major shootings in the United States a large majority happen in so-called “gun-free zones.” The cowards who perform these heinous crimes are cowards who fear somebody stopping them before they’re able to kill a desired number of people. When presented with resistance most of these cowards end up saving us the effort by killing themselves. Allowing legally armed individuals to carry their firearms on campus would remove another “gun-free zone” from the books and likely lower the chances of shootings occurring there. What it hasn’t lead to are shootings on college campuses (just ask Utah who allow campus carry but haven’t had to deal with any mass shootings on college campuses).

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  1. It looks like we may get campus carry here in Texas. It had failed as a standalone issue in the Senate and then they tacked it onto an education appropriations bill. It is in the house right now.

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