My Government Curfew Rant

I mentioned that parts of Northern Minneapolis were under government enforced curfew but honestly I didn’t realize how pissed off the whole idea made me so here is my little rant on the subject. The United States was supposedly founded on the ideals of individual liberty. You were supposed to be free of government interference unless you were actively harming another individual or their property. There was supposed to be little government interference in your life. Well through the centuries our government, like all governments throughout history, has decided to give us all the middle finger.

Now there are few aspects of our lives where government interference can’t be found. Everything we do must be approved, stamped, and sealed. But the idea that a government goon can tell you when you must be in your home and when you can leave is disgusting. They have literally placed you into a prison during the hours of a curfew. The fact that our society has come to a point where it’s felt acceptable for the government to restrict your movements because they declared an emergency is sickening. As a free individuals nobody has the right to tell me when and where I can go unless my travels violate the property rights of another individual.

The only reason the police declare curfews is because they’re lazy and it makes their job easier. Instead of having to deal with those pesky problems like due process a state of emergency gives the police complete power to assume everybody that isn’t in a government approved uniform is doing something wrong. Evidence? Due process? Probable cause? Fuck all that noise, if you’re walking from your neighbor’s home back to your place after a specified hour you must be up to something wrong! After all anybody who disobeys the orders of our glorious leaders is probably a subversive person and should be dealt with anyways.

I haven’t granted the government any authority over my person, especially when it comes to my free movements. The people in Northern Minneapolis are being punished by the state because their homes happened to be conveniently located right in the path of Mother Nature’s range induced path of destruction. Those denizens are being imprisoned in their own homes by the government because of events nobody could control. I’m sure it goes without further saying but the entire concept of a government mandated curfew pisses me right the fuck off.