Where is Your Line

I don’t think I have to point out the fact once again that the United States is quickly becoming ever closer to an authoritarian society. Although many say they wish to prevent this country from turning into a police state I firmly believe we area already there. The question is no longer how to prevent the development of the police state but how far are you willing to be pushed until you say “no more!” This article challenges you to determine where your line is by questioning various factors.

The line for many people is very close and they are willing to turn their own family members in for using substances that the state says are verboten. Others, such as myself, place the line far away and are unwilling to cooperate with the state if that cooperation means a person will become a victim of the state’s wrath without actually having hurt anybody or damaged anybody’s property. Are you willing to submit to Homeland Security’s “if you see something say something” program? Will you turn your neighbor in for tax evasion even though such a crime doesn’t harm you? Do you believe it’s OK to call the police because you neighbor is in possession of a machine gun without the appropriate government issued tax stamp?

I believe this is an important issue for everybody to consider. I’m not going to tell you where you should draw the line, that’s up to you and your conscious. The decision is a weighty one with many consequences including the fact that lack of cooperation very well could lead to violence being used against you.