California Trying to Push Out More Businesses

Seriously are the legislators in California retarded? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer is yet. It just seems that at some point in California’s recent history the lawmakers there would have learned something. Apparently not as California’s economy is going down the tubes faster than an unwanted pregnancy on prom night and that doesn’t seem to be fast enough for their government. With rising unemployment and businesses fleeing the state the politicians in the Assembly just passed a law that would tax online retailers:

The state of California could collect more than $1 billion a year by taxing Amazon and other online retailers if a bill approved by the Assembly becomes law.

Of course this won’t bring in $1 billion a year as companies would have to stay in California to pay which they’re not going to do. Amazon has already left states that have attempted to extract tax dollars from them.

In order for this law to make money California is going to have to go full socialist and ban anybody from leaving the state without government approval. If California wants to make money they’re going to have to create a business friendly environment where companies can flourish instead of being trampled by the boots of government interference.

If you live in that forsaken state it would be wise to get out now before the prevent you from doing so.

One thought on “California Trying to Push Out More Businesses”

  1. They’ve been doing junk like this for years. A buddy’s uncle used to run a machine shop there; California was taxing (fining) all machine shops for using a certain toxic chemical every year. The chemical was replaced with a non-toxic version which worked better, though CA kept taxing. The business eventually relocated to Texas.

    The state seems pretty messed up.. “Hey, we’ve got horrible unemployment, a screwed up budget, and no surplus… Let’s try to tax the crap out of businesses and see what happens.” Sounds like a really good idea to me.

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