A Case for Standard Capacity Magazines

Anti-gunners often claim there is no need for magazines that hold more than 10 rounds but Uncle points out yet another reasons why you want more than 10 rounds in your magazine:

Charges were filed early Monday against five teenagers allegedly involved in separate robbery attacks Saturday night.

Police say the teens were part of a mob of between 15 and 20 men and boys connected to four attacks in Streeterville and along the lakefront.

If you’re getting attacked by 15 or 20 people your 10 round magazine may not be enough. People aren’t always attacked by individuals, sometimes gangs are involved. When you’re being attacked by multiple assailants is helps to have enough ammunition in your firearm to fend off each of the attackers.

The purpose of carrying a firearm is to give yourself better odds in a self-defense situation. Having more ammunition in the firearm increases your odds and allows you to handle a greater number of attackers (for instance a pack of feral dogs). Meanwhile no purpose is served by artificially restricting the number of rounds in a magazine other than it makes the anti-gunners feel all warm and fuzzy inside (they are rather naive and believe criminals will follow laws even though criminals by definition don’t follow laws).