What Will and Won’t be Open During a Minnesota Government Shutdown

We’re only a few days away from a possible government shutdown here in Minnesota and people are confused about what state provided services will and won’t be open should the government take a leave of absence. The Red Star has a summary of what services will and won’t be available during the possible shutdown.

Reading through the list it’s bloody obvious to me that nobody is going to even notice a state shutdown. My concern is reading through all the shit that the government has obtained a monopoly on providing. For instance this little gem:


Would close to vehicle traffic. It would be raised to allow boat traffic and would remain in the raised position.

Why the Hell is the state government charged with operating a lift bridge? Does that seem like a job that you need a government bureaucrat to perform? Being the bridge is connected to Stillwater why not let the city of Stillwater run the damned thing? Read through the list though and then ask yourself what downside would exist to the government shutting down. The shutdown is nothing but a boogeyman being used by those at the Capitol to justify their existence.

2 thoughts on “What Will and Won’t be Open During a Minnesota Government Shutdown”

  1. Looks like the only thing that will be missed are the driving tests for 16 year olds, and maybe the state parks since it is part of the only time to really use them. I say shut it down, the republicans passed a budget if Dayton wants to Veto it, let it fall on his head. It is ridiculous that he wants to force a tax hike.

    1. I’m all for a government shutdown. It would be nice if people saw that, like the last shutdown, this shutdown will lead to little impact on their lives and hence understand that they don’t need the government for their very survival. Sadly most people don’t seem to think logically as they’ve been buying into the government fear mongering over the shutdown.

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