Is Your Glock Not Big Enough

Is your Glock simply too small? Do you want a larger more unwieldy gun? If so Command Arms Accessories has you covered with their RONI conversion kit:

The $350 kit allows two handed operation of the Glock, one hand on the pistol grip and one hand on the fore end, as well as a better mounting platform for optics on its 9.4″ picatinny rail.

So why would you want to make your compact handgun into a much bulkier handgun? For fun is the only good reason I can give. Unlike the RONI Carbine Kit, the RONI Recon does not turn the pistol into a Short Barrel Rifle and therefor is not subject to NFA rules and taxes.

In my book “just for gun” is a perfectly valid excuse to purchase a firearm or firearm accessory. I will admit that the conversion kit would be fun simply because it makes a standard Glock look like something from a science fiction movie (which always seem to believe small arms will become much bulkier in the future). It’s a completely ridiculous accessory and if it were much cheaper I’d probably get one for the sci-fi pew pew feel.

It should be noted that the RONI also has two side mounted Picatinny rails and one underneath the gun meaning you could mount three laser sights to it and get that whole Predator laser aiming affect. Or you know, go more practical by mounting three pistol bayonets to it.

One thought on “Is Your Glock Not Big Enough”

  1. Oh em gee. I bet I could mount all kinds of stuff on there! Because my Glock, which is less than 2 lbs loaded, needs to be way bigger and heavier. Derp.

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