CSGV Financials Aren’t Looking So Hot

Those of us in the gun community have been railing on the Coalition to Stop Gun ownership Violence (CSVG) for a while because they’ve been making some outrageous posts about gun owners. Hell some of their statements were bad enough that Twitter pulled their account for a while. Needless to say it brings joy to my heard to see their not doing so well financially:

The good news is that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is continuing to hemorrhage money. The bad news is that CSGV has shifted almost all of their operations into their 501(c)(3), the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. This trend is following all gun control organizations that we’ve been tracking. I say bad news only because I’d prefer all of them having to file for unemployment, but when it comes to political reality, it’s good news. So what are the trends?

CSGV continues to lose money. In 2008, they took in $224,887, and in 2009, they took in $207,066. At the same time, CSGV increased their program expenses from $94,426 in 2008, to $110,061 in 2010. As a result of that, CSGV’s net assets dropped from $21,706 in 2008 to $14,335. No one has technically been on payroll at CSGV since 2007, and that was when they were paying Michael Beard $35,306 to act as Secretary of the organization. In fact, even going back to 2004, Beard has essentially been the only person making any money off CSGV.

It’s nice to see lying can only get you money for so long (unless you’re the government, but they get to take it by force).