Violent Crime Dropped Again in Minneapolis

Remember, if we let people carry guns there will be blood in the street as every argument turns into a gun fight. That’s what the anti-gunners would have you believe but truth be told the anti-gunners haven’t been able to point at a single case where violent crime dramatically increased after the passing of carry legislation. Heck violent crime has been steadily decreasing for a while now and I’m happy to report that the violent crime rate in Minneapolis dropped agian:

Violent crimes reported by mid-year in Minneapolis have dropped to their lowest point in a decade, and every category of crime except larceny has fallen from last year, statistics show.

While the drop in crime parallels what’s happening in cities nationwide, local leaders who gathered in north Minneapolis Monday credited better policing and a crackdown on gun-toting felons for reducing murders, aggravated assaults, rapes and robberies.

I’m not surprised that the Minneapolis governing body didn’t even mention the possibility that raising the potential cost of performing a crime in the form of more legally armed people may have contributed to this as well.

Although I won’t go so far as to claim causality between more legally armed people and a lower violent crime rate I will point out that the correlation exists. This correlation directly opposes the anti-gunners’ claim that more legally armed people will lead to an increase in violent crime rates. As this is the case there is the possibility that having more legally armed people leads to a lower violent crime rate but no possibility that having more legally armed people leads to a higher violent crime rate.