Because Everybody Else is Doing It

I understand that the AR-15 is a great rifle and producing one generates easy income. As I have this understanding I hold not ill-will towards companies that manufacture some kind of AR-15 pattern rifle, it’s good business, but I will also admit that it’s getting to be a complete non-issue when a new company introduces a new rifle. Why is it a complete non-issue now? Because every new rife announcement is yet another AR-15 pattern rifle and honestly it’s boring.

I’m saying this as Mossberg has introduced an AR-15. The fact that Mossberg has made this announcement isn’t the news item, the fact that they didn’t already have an AR-15 on the market is a news item. Every time another gun manufacturer announces that they’re producing an AR-15 I’m not shocked by the introduction, I’m shocked by the fact that a manufacturer still existed that didn’t have such a rifle on the market.

I love the AR-15 but honestly I’d like to see a new rifle announcement that isn’t yet another AR-15. How about a manufacturer drum up some hype about a new rifle they’re going to be introducing and actually introduce something completely new. I’m not talking about yet another AR-15 style rifle like the SCAR; No, I’m talking about something totally off the wall. I’m getting bored with all of these AR-15 announcements and damn it it’s the job of the gun industry to keep me entertained and excited.

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